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Personalised Fertility Care
Fertility Service Dr Sonya Jessup Shire IVF
Personalised Fertility Care
Dr Sonya Jessup Shire IVF
Personalised Fertility Care

Wanting to be a parent and start a family is a very exciting time in life, but sometimes delays in the time to conceive warrant a thorough workup which may lead to the need for some fertility assistance. There are many ways couples, single women and those in same sex relationships can be assisted without the need for IVF. We are lucky however to live in a time where technology is available to help if IVF or ICSI is required. Shire IVF also provides an excellent egg freezing program and has access to a wide range of donor eggs and donor sperm should that be required.

Shire IVF is a purpose-built facility in the Miranda, next to Miranda Westfield, set up to provide a high quality fertility service to residents of the Sutherland Shire and surrounds. We aim to assist those with fertility issues in a clinic that is convenient located with ultrasound and diagnostic blood services on site.

Clients can have their Fertility nurse and IVF specialist appointments on site as well as egg collections and embryo transfers. More complex surgical cases are undertaken at Waratah Private Hospital 15 mins drive away, where there is the convenience of 8 floors of underground parking and an excellent standard of private hospital care.

Non-Surgical Options
For your peace of mind, we have a variety of non-surgical options to get you the results you want.
Personalised Service
Dedicated to delivering impeccable personalised service to our patients, when you come to us, you can expect a unique experience every time.
We’re Passionate
We are passionate about women’s gynaecological health not only for function but for achieving personal satisfaction.
Comprehensive Range
At Shire IVF, we offer a comprehensive range of services specialising in women’s health. No matter what you need, you can guarantee we’ll do it for you.