Egg freezing ‘‘freezes-in-time’’ egg quality.

In recent years the technology has emerged to allow women to freeze their eggs with an excellent post thaw success rate. Egg freezing given women the opportunity to conceive at some future time with the use of her “younger eggs,” Pregnancies using younger eggs have higher pregnancy rates due to the decreased DNA abnormallites associated with maternal age. These frozen eggs can be fertilised at any future date with ICSI from a partner’s sperm or donor sperm and women are generally able to conceive and caryy a pregnancy even if their own periods have stopped at that time. At Shire IVF we offer a streamlined Egg Freezing program that minimises the number of injections required and allows you to undergo your egg freezing cycles with the least possible disruption to your daily life.

Shire IVF performs egg freezing for women that fall into two main categories:

  • Women with medical issues affecting future fertility including those with upcoming cancer treatments, surgical procedures that require removal of part or all of the ovaries and also those with the known possibility of early menopause.
  • Women with relatively normal fertility that are not planning to have children just yet. Generally called “social egg freezing”, Dr Sonya Jessup is very supportive this group of women who are taking proactive measures to give them choices later in life. Freezing younger eggs, generally results in more eggs being frozen and a higher chance that embryos conceived from these eggs will be genetically normal and result in a higher pregnancy rate.

Egg Freezing process

This involves an initial appointment with Dr Jessup, including a full history and examination and bloods tests. The egg freezing procedure starts with your period and involves taking between 1 and 2 injections a day for 7-10 days. Between 1-3 ultrasounds scans, blood tests and a trans-vaginal egg collection procedure is required.

After the egg collection, the process is completed no further action is required and you will get your next period two weeks later. Dr Jessup recommends 3 cycles of egg freezing to give you the best chance of later success.

Egg collection is a relatively simple procedure and Shire IVF gives you the option of a more cost effective in clinic procedure under a local anaesthetic or the alternative of a day procedure in hospital under a general anaesthetic. A Medicare rebate may be available for women undergoing egg freezing for a number of medical reasons. You may be able to access your superannuation to fund your egg freezing and there are payment schemes available to help.

Ready For Conception

Frozen eggs can be stored for years with little effect on egg quality. Once a woman is ready to conceive the eggs can be unfrozen, fertilised and implanted in the uterus in the hope of falling pregnant. It should be noted that egg freezing is still a relatively new procedure and although there is ample clinical evidence to support it, there are no guarantees. Women who wish to undertake egg freezing must understand the likely success rates for someone of their age taking into consideration any other relevant circumstances. Consideration should also be given to undergoing further fertility assessments to identify any potential underlying fertility issues.

Ready to take the next step?

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